Our working method

"The war for talent"

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right talent for your organization. Because of the tight labor market, it’s harder than ever to find people who completely meet the demands-and desires-you have in your mind for that one scarce position. On top of that, other companies are also looking for similar talents. We can speak can speak of the so-called “war for talent.”

In a real battle there are often only losers, but in this one there actually are winners. These are the organizations that get their Employer Brand right. In fact, companies with a well-known and good employer brand have an edge and win the battle for talent faster (and easier).

FoxWise has been using a successful methodology since 2015 in which we work together to build a strong employer brand as well as recruit specifically where your talent is active. In doing so, we reach both active and passive candidates. We find that the best candidates only respond to distinctive recruitment campaigns that really appeal to them and thus trigger them. In this, our successful step-by-step plan delivers proven tóp results. We are happy to take you through this.

Establishing a razor-sharp 360⁰ profile

At FoxWise every collaboration begins with an open and honest conversation. After all, we are very curious about you as an employer. What is the atmosphere like in the workplace? What does your target audience look like? How have you worked so far? What is the yield?

Then together we will create the ideal candidate profile. On the one hand, consider aspects such as the skills and experience required, competencies, motivations, etc. On the other hand, we map out where this person is most likely currently working, what hobbies he has, what he is currently missing in his current job, etc.

Our motto is, “If you know what you’re looking for, you’re going to find it.”


Setting up the recruitment campaign

Now that we know exactly who we are looking for, we can start putting together a customized recruitment campaign appropriate for your target audience. This is initially aimed at (further) strengthening your employer brand and then at placing the actual job(s).

For this, we will start to set up a series of ads for the different online platforms. This makes clever use of photo and video material combined with catchy texts. After this, we are “good to go.”

Over the course of the campaign, it soon becomes clear which ads and platforms provide the most traction. This allows us to target even better, resulting in greater success.


Screening the applications

All candidates who leave or apply for their details enter our ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Here, in addition to all information regarding the candidates, all data is collected that affects the success of the entire hiring process. Our team of recruiters will “separate the wheat from the chaff” based on their years of experience and the use of smart online screening tools.

The carefully selected candidates will then be contacted by us for further introductions. Based on personal interviews, we select the top candidates.

A final assessment ensures that you only see candidates who are the best fit for the position, your company, your employees and your customers.

Presenting candidates and guiding them to hiring

After our thorough screening, we will introduce up to three candidates to you. These interviews will take place at your location, so that the candidate’s future work environment with his own eyes. After all, “a picture often says more than a 1,000 words.”

We will advise and assist you during these conversations. We will also help you make the final decision on who to hire. Should another push be needed during contract negotiations, we will certainly not fail to do so.

Your new employee is taking off

When hiring your new talent, adequate onboarding is very important for both the new employee and yourselves. Good onboarding helps your new employee quickly feel at home at your company and become familiar with the culture, processes and expectations. This allows your new employee to be productive faster and feel connected to his new employer and colleagues more quickly.

This includes guiding the new employee during the first days, weeks, even months if desired, as well as providing the appropriate training to help him adjust to his new environment.