Are we getting the most out of our talent?

This is a question that concerns many employers. How satisfied you may be is, of course, difficult for us to judge from a distance and without knowing each other. There are, however, a number of clear signs that give reason to discuss this with us.

Curious what we can do for you? Then be sure to read on and we will be happy to tell you more about it….

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Due to the extremely tight labor market, it is getting harder every day to bring in candidates of the right quality. Traditional recruiting methods no longer offer the control that you are looking for at your hiring process. This has a negative impact on the growth of your organization. Workloads are increasing and quality is deteriorating.

Most people who want to change jobs don’t apply these days. Often for them the threshold is too high and the benefits of a new job are too unclear. We solve this problem by using behavioral science to influence candidate behavior. With customized content and the use of psychological techniques, we know how to get candidates to take action.

Do you recognize one or more of the situations on the right? If so, we will be happy to enter into a dialogue with you and tell you in detail how we can solve this together.

You do everything you can to attract potential new employees, but there are simply (no or) too few applications. This leaves your vacancies unfilled for too long with all the possible consequences for the work that needs to be done.

Our successful methodology is proven to be successful when it comes to reaching and getting your target audience moving. With this, we are able to drastically reduce your “time to hire” as well.

If we put our costs for marketing, hiring fees, salaries of our recruiting department and our fees tp external partners against the number of candidates we hired last year, the cost per hire is really too high. This really needs to be set up more efficiently and effectively.

Our clients unanimously say that they have been able to significantly reduce the cost per hire since our collaboration. In contrast, the quality of hire has increased drastically. We would be happy to tell you more about it during a personal interview.

You may have hired someone to fill an urgent void or to support a new project. You feel the need to find a person now and get them started right away.

This is understandable, but rushing the hiring process is one of the biggest reasons for a “mishire.” The sense of urgency causes you to ignore your standard procedures and overlook important ones.

Fortunately, we can help you avoid, as much as possible, hiring the wrong person with all the ensuing consequences. How exactly, we would be happy to tell you during a personal interview.

You probably went to great lengths to bring in the new employee. Thought about a job posting, spent a lot of time conducting multiple interviews, consulted on terms of employment, internal evaluations on cover letters and interviews. Time is money and therefore it would be a shame if the new employee leaves for a competitor after a short time because they do not feel at home in your organization. You have then actually wasted money. You can prevent this with proper onboarding.

By onboarding, an employee gets used to the new job faster and a person feels part of the team faster. This increases engagement in work and increases satisfaction. As an employer, that also gets you higher productivity.

That is why it is worth investing in proper onboarding. This way, you remove doubts and let the employee know that coming to work for you was a good choice. You also show that you are happy with your new employee. How exactly you can do this, we will be happy to tell you during a personal interview.

Adaptability is crucial today because we live in a time of constant change. Today’s markets are more competitive than ever – and as a result, everything is also changing faster and faster.

Therefore, it is useful for everyone to develop their adaptability. Virtually all positions in modern companies require you to be able to think independently and respond quickly to change without getting confused.

Our training programs and coaching are designed to help your employees do just that and develop them. How we do that, we will be happy to tell you in a personal conversation.

Talent Recruitment

You are looking for new talent

Talent Recruitment

Using our smart online tools, we know how to reach your target audience. During interviews, we focus on a match between the candidate's beliefs and motivations with your organization's DNA. This creates a successful, lasting and enjoyable relationship.
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Talent Development

Onboarding | Training

Talent Development

Given the importance of adequate onboarding, we strive to provide an efficient process for your new employee(s). This includes mentoring during the initial period as well as providing appropriate training to help your new employee adjust to his new environment.
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Increasing your returns


How satisfied you may be with the returns from your current operations has mainly to do with how well your competition is doing. Because of our years of experience in the market, we are able to benchmark your returns.
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For more than 10 years, we have helped our clients attract new talent and retain employees. Think of us as your recruitment partner for a strong employer brand and receive honest advice on setting up your recruitment process efficiently. In short: a partnership focused on the long term.

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